Presentational Specialities

This edition of the PHP Manual is highly optimized for screen presentation. Skins may be developed to better support printing, as this was not the goal of the included skins. This approach allowed us to make many modifications to the presentation of different parts of the manual.

The first thing you'll notice is that all examples are color coded, using the PHP function show_source(). The actual colors used are defined by CSS classes. Examples also have links to PHP functions used in them to provide quick access to reference material. All code examples have a "copy to clipboard" link by the side of them with which you can copy the text contents of the example to the clipboard.

External links are marked with a special » sign, and open in a new browser window. We also included the "path to this page" information on all pages for you to easily identify where you are and navigate as needed.

Other parts of the manual are quite similar to the online ones by default, though custom skins can modify many elements on the pages.